Built at ground level

Roof sheeting done at ground level

Hoist into the air

Innovative Clevis System

Build massive structures

Many door options

Protect your assets

Rugged All-terrain building

Industrial Insulation

Spans up to 130ft

Easy to assemble

Outdoor Arena concept

Horse and cattle arena

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30/10/2018  -  Huricane Michael test our Rapidbuilt Steel Buildings

Rated for windspeeds up 200mph.  Phone our Office for more detail.


30/10/2018  -  NEW Rapid LAMS 80ft coming soon to the USA 

Rated for windspeeds up to 220mph.  Phone our Office for more detail.


26/7/2018  -  NEW Rapid going up in Texas USA 

You will find this Rapid In Weatherford Texas!  Phone our Office for more detail.

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3/10/2017  -  Our latest Rapid in Mozambique

Have a look at this time lapse video and see how we hoist our buildings into the air before lunch.  

What a great experience to get one of our Rapids up in Pemba, Mozambique.  We were welcomed, with open arms, to "The most beautiful bay in the world" where the tiger prawns are as big as lobsters.  The weather played along well and we had no trouble explaining to the locals how to assemble this massive structure.

See more pictures here.




Welcome to Rapidbuilt Steel Buildings

Introducing the revolutionary, cost effective, portable Rapidbuilt Steel Building that is simple and fast to build (and dismantle!), yet strong and durable enough to be rated and built as a permanent hangar.

With over 20 years in the development and refinement of our Steel Buildings, we are now able to release our buildings onto the market using our ground-breaking, patented technology.  Rapidbuilt hangars and steel buildings are the only large span rapid constructed building in the world to attain Permanent Structural Engineering Status with top tier models rated for extreme wind conditions.  Our buildings can be used in a variety of applications in the fields of aviation, agriculture, mining, construction and the humanitarian sector.  Building types range from portable aircraft hangars, sheds and barns, to permanent offices, classrooms, churches and other building types in the humanitarian sector.




For our Commercial Hangars please visit our other website.

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