About Us

Rapidbuilt: The only alternative to Fabric Structures. Our Pre Engineered Steel Buildings are a cyclonic designed modular building system. The buildings are erected in a rapid timeframe, often faster that fabric structures, have a lifetime warranty ( on the structural steel) and a building design life of up to 50yrs, and wind speeds up to 230Mph. We specialize in cyclonic and harsh environments. Our buildings are used by the US Military for their  expeditionary endeavours such as the protection of the A35 Jets.

Our Buildings were selected by the USAF as storm shelters for the new A35 Jets at Tyndall AFB, Panama City, Florida;  after the success of our trial building which when through Hurricane Michael with minimal damage. The building was hit with 175Mph winds, and a 7’ tilde wave. The other building (Fabric Structure) being trailed failed miserably. Most Fabric structure suppliers will not guarantee that their product will protect their contents at their designed wind load, In fact, most recommend removing the fabric above a nominated windspeed – useless if you need asset protection.

Rapidbuilt Designs & Manufactures at our plant  in Texas, USA using US Steel products. We provide construction services. The modular building system is designed to fit within 20ft containers.

If you are interested in Asset protection, cyclonic rated,  security, Speed & Ease  of construction and demobilization, Lifetime warranty & exceptional value, then Rapidbuilt is the answer.