Garages & Barndominiums

RapidBuilt pre-engineered steel buildings, ready to ship when you need them, provide industry-leading protection for your next garage or multifunction home. Easy to build, with minimal manpower and equipment, your RapidBuilt structure will prove to be your smartest choice for a variety of reasons.

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If you need additional garage or storage space on your property, your safest bet is with a RapidBuilt pre-engineered steel building. Smaller structures can be built in as little as one day with a team of 4, utilizing hoist frames for on-ground construction throughout the project. Our buildings don’t require a concrete pad due to their pre-cast footing assembly, and are constructed at ground level, so working at heights is not required when sheeting the roof.

Interested in a barndominium? This new approach to multi-use living has exploded as of late, and our structures have been setting standards for this more efficient style of home.

With our unique methods for manufacturing and construction, you can quickly erect a structure ideal for combining a new living space with a horse barn or workspace. Our patented tech provides extreme wind and snow load resistance that others can’t match, and we offer many options for doors and windows at the factory.

After you’re done building, if you ever need to expand your garage or barndominium, our modular system makes expansion a quick and simple task, allowing you to be as flexible as you need.

Garage & Barndominium Case Studies

Garages & Barndominiums

For those looking for a steel building at the lower end of the size range, costs beyond the price of the building itself need to come into play. What all will be required, based on the manufacturer chosen? Some may require a crane rental, a large, skilled crew or specialized equipment in order to construct the building.

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Unique Benefits for Garage & Barndominium Structures

  • Meets and greatly exceeds wind code requirements
  • Simple ground-up construction with minimal crew
  • Modular design provides expansion options
  • Door/window customization for home use
  • Factory-installed insulation options available

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