RapidBuilt steel buildings are becoming an invaluable asset for military needs around the world, thanks to every aspect of their cutting-edge proprietary technology.

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For all branches of armed services around the world, RapidBuilt steel buildings implement a range of features that address many standard requirements. Our buildings can be constructed by a small team in a matter of days utilizing hoist frames and manual or electric hoists. Thanks to ground level construction, no crane is needed. Also, as areas of operation change, your RapidBuilt building can follow, as it is made to be taken down and easily relocated.

Whether you need a hangar for fixed wing or rotary craft, asset protection or storage, RapidBuilt has a pre-engineered or custom solution for you. Able to stand wind and snow loads much higher than our competitors’ solutions, with faster build time and ease of transportation, our patented, proprietary designs mean a much higher level of security for mission-critical equipment and supplies.

Military Case Studies


The United States Air Force demands the absolute highest quality and reliability from its vendors. So, when they search for a new manufacturing partner to help them defend the country, they don’t cut any corners in testing to ensure everything meets their rigorous standards.

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Unique Benefits for Military Use

  • Fast construction with minimal crew/equipment
  • Easy to relocate
  • Much stronger than competitor alternatives
  • Can withstand up to 220 mph winds
  • A range of hangar door options
  • More secure than standard tents

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