Sporting Complexes/Arenas

We offer custom and pre-engineered steel buildings to serve as your smartest choice for your event center. Stronger and more cost effective than competitors’ offerings, RapidBuilt provides large structures to accommodate a wide range of gatherings and activities.

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In order to maximize your budget, our patented, proprietary technology brings you the most cost-effective steel structure on the market. Our buildings utilize materials three times stronger per equivalent weight of traditional steel I Beams, while at the same time providing superior wind and snow load protection.

Pre-engineered options are available up to 120 ft. and custom structures can go up to 360 ft., large enough to house a baseball field. Whether it’s hockey, soccer or rodeo events, you’ll have more than enough space to accommodate activities, spectators and ample storage.

Our unique design also means a greatly accelerated construction time, using minimal crew and equipment to help ensure you’re ready for any and every sport season.

Sporting Complex & Arena Case Studies

Sporting Complexes/Arenas

The scalability of our proprietary technology provides for affordable opportunities to grow. Whether it’s a municipality exploring construction of a new sports arena or a private training facility for private owners, RapidBuilt engineering has been rapidly gaining popularity as its multitude of benefits are realized.

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Unique Benefits for Sporting Complexes/Arenas

  • Your most inexpensive option in the country
  • Uncomplicated, quick build process
  • Stronger and lighter than competitors’ structures
  • Sizes available for any need
  • Pre-engineered and custom builds available

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