Unique Benefits for Aviation Needs

RapidBuilt hangars and buildings are setting a new standard for civil aviation needs. Whether GA, commercial or RPT, fixed wing or rotary, our engineers and designers have extensive knowledge and experience in creating storage solutions tailored to your specifications.

Utilizing our proprietary patented technology that allows for rapid, straightforward construction with minimal equipment, your new hangar or utility building can be erected twice as fast as our competitors. Our buildings are designed to be easily relocated to enhance your flexibility and comply with NFPA fire code 409.

From a Roberson R22 to Gulfstream F650 to Boeing 737 BJ, our scalable system means every aviation need can be easily met. Each buildings structural integrity is superior to anything else currently on the market, withstanding up to 185 mph winds. Specialized hangar doors are available featuring Schweiss, hydraulic tilt, sliding and bifold options, with each design rated for a max wind loan of 220 mph.