Built To Last

There’s no longer a reason to consider fabric structures. RapidBuilt’s steel buildings are the new industry leader in structural integrity. Able to withstand wind speeds up to 220 mph and rated for use in cyclonic and harsh environments, these incredibly strong, expandable and easily constructed buildings have a life of up to 50 years.

Our steel buildings were chosen by the United States Air Force as storm shelters for the new F-35 fighter aircraft at Tyndall AFB in Panama City, Florida. A trial construction showed that our proprietary design could withstand the full force of Hurricane Michael, when nearby fabric structures were destroyed. Many fabric structure suppliers actually recommend removing the fabric above certain wind speeds — which isn’t an option when you need secure asset protection.

RapidBuilt designs and manufactures our building components in America — deep in the heart of Texas, to be specific — using steel products from the USA. In addition to the structures, we also provide construction services and consultation.

If you are interested in all the ways RapidBuilt excels over the competition — build time, expandability, wind and snow load ratings, ease of relocation and warranty — then contact us. We’re ready to help you find your smartest solution for reliable metal structures.