A faster, easier, more expandable approach to small building construction

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The evolution of structural engineering that’s lowering building costs

For those looking for a steel building at the lower end of the size range, costs beyond the price of the building itself need to come into play. What all will be required, based on the manufacturer chosen? Some may require a crane rental, a large, skilled crew or specialized equipment in order to construct the building.

Our engineering doesn’t just make our steel buildings significantly stronger than our competitors, it makes them drastically simpler to erect. Our smaller buildings have been built in a few hours by a small, unskilled crew of 3-4 with basic tools, saving the owner on the costs of hiring and renting standard fare. We have even seen our 40’ x 57’ structures constructed in as little as 8 hours.

Where many buildings require a crane, which adds both expense and safety issues when workers need to work at height, RapidBuilt garages and barndominiums are all built at ground level. Rather than build a frame and add the roof, our roof is built first on the ground. Then, utilizing hoist frames and hand or electric hoists, it is raised for the modular wall elements to be installed below. Without the need for heavy equipment, this also means more flexibility in construction location.

In contrast to conventional structures, where construction costs can equal the cost of the building itself, RapidBuilt steel buildings mean a truly significant savings in comparison.


Flexibility and customization define our line

Another advantage to RapidBuilt buildings is their flexibility due to their modular design. Since they are easy to disassemble with basic equipment, an owner isn’t stuck with a building in one location. These buildings can be taken down roughly as fast as they go up, making them able to move to more appropriate locations as needed.

Also, the modular design means that our pre-engineered options can expand with your home or business needs. If you anticipate future growth for a garage, barn or small workshop, you can start off with the size that’s most appropriate for your current needs. Then, as you grow, you simply order expansion parts to add all the square feet needed. If you grow beyond that expansion, simply continue to add more modular elements to follow suit.

For those exploring the new barndominium movement, where a barn, training facility or work space is combined with a living area, RapidBuilt steel buildings provide an array of options from the factory that save you time and money. You can order different types of pre-installed insulation from the factory, with a range of colors available for exteriors.

Also, we offer a variety of doors and windows pre-installed. This saves considerable time in retrofitting these on site, further reducing costs and time required for a finished project. And for those structures designated as living spaces, our proprietary technology provides a safer space than many standard options, with wind and snow load ratings others can’t match. This provides maximum protection on top of expandability and ease of construction.