In Mozambique, lives are changed thanks to our engineering advancements

Where water is precious, security is paramount

The Republic of Mozambique, on the southeastern coast of Africa, shares a common tale with other developing countries. While it is rich with natural resources, with aluminum and petroleum production driving the economy, there is a severe economic disparity among its people. Today, it is considered to be one of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries on the planet, with a shocking level of inequality defining its population.

For so many in the country who struggle at the lowest tiers of society, basic needs can be challenging to obtain, like a reliable source for water. An initiative to address this installed 3000 wells in villages throughout the country, which had a profound effect on the citizens — but soon, wells became difficult to maintain due to equipment theft.

These villagers needed a more secure means to protect the vital equipment needed to keep these wells operational. As RapidBuilt is a company deeply committed to aiding humanitarian efforts, we provided a 60’x80’ steel building to keep these tools secure.

Taking advantage of all the benefits of a RapidBuilt steel building

For humanitarian groups and other NGOs, one major concern about projects like these is transportability. In places where it can be difficult to deliver raw materials for construction projects like this, traditional building methods can be halted due to logistics. But RapidBuilt’s modular design was created to fit inside 20’ containers which has proven them to be ideal for fast delivery nearly anywhere in the world.

Once the materials arrived at the build site, we worked with local volunteers to begin construction. Not only were they limited in experience, but we also had to work around the language barrier — far from ideal for any standard builder, but it proved to be minimal thanks to our building methods.

With basic tools, we were able to instruct this team of volunteers on how to erect the structure using our ground-up build method that doesn’t require a crane. In such a remote location, with limited tools on hand, we were able to successfully build the 60’x 80’ workshop with locking doors within one week.

Later, we were asked to help build a rural school for local children. We determined an ideal design based on location and climate, and under similar construction conditions were able to let these children pursue their education in a more secure location.


The ideal solution for humanitarian and disaster relief efforts

Since we as a company are passionate about helping to effect change in deserving communities around the world, we designed our entire building and shipping process to be ideal for humanitarian and disaster relief groups.

In addition to our unique ability to ship modular parts in containers, we also provide a turnkey solution for fast construction of buildings when and where they are needed most. We can provide a complete construction package, including the building foundation and all necessary tools to assemble the building in the containers.

So wherever help is needed, we can provide it swiftly, because we understand the ramifications if we don’t. We’re here to help aid these groups in their efforts to make a difference, and we’re all extremely proud of all the ways we can help — from designing systems ideal for these kinds of use to joining these groups onsite, around the globe, to ensure that the help they need to provide is available as quickly as opportunity allows.