When it comes to cost and value, nothing stands up to RapidBuilt

LAMS100 Wide Doors Exterior 1

Defining value beyond a marketing term

You get what you pay for. It’s a common, and valid, assumption in any transaction. It also means that when you find something with extraordinary qualities, you expect to pay more for them.

RapidBuilt engineers designed their breakthrough connection systems to scale much more cheaply, however. As structure sizes grow, especially with custom commercial and pre-engineered options, the price per square foot falls off dramatically.

When compared to other options on the market, RapidBuilt metal buildings at their largest have been found to cost up to 50% less than competitor options. So while these buildings provide incredible value at any size, they are particularly advantageous for those needing structures 120’ or more.

For less money, customers are getting the easiest assembling, strongest against wind and snow option available.


Beating competitors in every single aspect of building

In Townsville, Queensland, Australia, a successful local contractor was building 400 homes a year. He inquired about RapidBuilt buildings, and after learning the retail price, he told us that he couldn’t afford to build those as a contractor at cost.

This is what makes RapidBuilt such a viable contender — many years of research went into reimagining construction techniques from the ground up. While traditional techniques are reliable, they wind up increasing the cost due to lack of innovation. Efficiency of materials often isn’t a driving factor.

The proprietary designs of RapidBuilt products utilize much more efficient means to implement materials. This allows us to offer additional benefits like from-the-ground construction, incredibly fast build time with minimal crew and durability that can handle any environment’s wind or snow.

Redefining the standard for steel buildings

In any market, it’s become a standard for competing products to differ little more than cosmetically. The underlying technology and techniques utilized can be so similar that effort is made to distinguish each product from one another.

When true innovation does challenge a market, it is important to fully grasp its impact — because otherwise, it’s easy to dismiss it as a marketing attempt and not a true benefit. That’s why it is important to all of us at RapidBuilt to convey the significant leap forward our technology has created. Anyone exploring a new steel building as a solution to their needs will find that we offer a product that is superior in all metrics, providing a range of benefits that cannot be met by alternatives in the current market.