Technology that drives a new era of event center

From municipal complexes to private training facilities

The scalability of our proprietary technology provides for affordable opportunities to grow. Whether it’s a municipality exploring construction of a new sports arena or a private training facility for private owners, RapidBuilt engineering has been rapidly gaining popularity as its multitude of benefits are realized.

Thanks to the incredible durability and rigidity our technology provides, our steel buildings are offered up to 350’ for stadiums and event centers, and can be constructed even larger if needed. These largest sizes have proven to be popular choices due to their easy assembly, wind and snow resistance and value.

While all of these are important aspects of any choice on which brand to build, the value aspect plays a particularly important role at this scale of structure. Our line of buildings starts at 24’, which is available at a very competitive cost. However, due to the nature of our engineering advancements, above a certain size the cost of the building begins to fall dramatically when compared to competing options.

For our 80’ buildings and larger, the proprietary design means the same structural integrity we’re known for at a significant reduction in price. For 120’ and above, the cost falls even further against competitor options. And at the largest sizes, we discovered that our new approach to design provides up to a 50% lower cost against other builders on the market.


More reliable, in all conditions

Large structures built outside of city limits don’t need to comply with the codes required for those built within. While some can view this as a distinct advantage, it also means the stricter requirements for construction don’t provide the same level of protection. With RapidBuilt steel buildings utilizing a modular design, we are able to provide a set of engineering guarantees that provide better protection than options designed around a lack of codes.

This is particularly important in places like Texas. Our buildings are utilized here for rodeo and equestrian events due to their affordability and reliability, but their engineering advantages are driving the choice for many. Much of the northern half of the state lies within an area referred to as Tornado Alley — a geographical zone where standard weather patterns have shown over decades to produce the most frequent, and dangerous, tornadoes.

A major selling point for RapidBuilt steel buildings is their wind resistance. The proprietary design our engineers developed provide a significantly higher level of wind protection that competitor offerings, which is one of the top concerns of those looking to build in areas such as Tornado Alley.

Tornadoes are rated using the Enhanced Fujita scale, which classifies them according to wind speed. The most common type of tornado, classified as EF-1, produces winds up to 112 mph. At this speed, we have seen competitor buildings fall to their foundation. And this is considered a tornado that produces light damage.

An EF-2 produces winds up to 135 mph, and an EF-3 up to 165 mph. At this speed, the Fujita scale places this in “severe damage” range. When an EF-3 tornado strikes, the aftermath often makes the national news. However, a RapidBuilt steel building can withstand winds up to 185 mph, verified in real-world conditions during hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons around the globe. When wind is a factor — and it is for millions — choosing a RapidBuilt steel building means choosing the most reliable option on the market.