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Unique Features

1. Innovation
With over 20 years of development and the refining of our products, we are now able to release onto the market our Rapidbuilt Shelters.   Using our patented technology, the only truly large span rapid constructed building designed as a permanent structure with permanent structure engineering status is released onto the market.

The development of this product is primarily based upon the use of our patented beams which lends itself to exceptional strength whilst maintaining their lightweight characteristics.   This combined with our patented clevis connection system which replaces a traditional bolted connection system with shear pins and retaining clips (another aspect of its unique design).   Another distinctive design feature is that all construction including the sheeting is done at ground level, thus requiring no specialised crane or access equipment for the construction.

2. Simplicity of Construction
Rapidbuilt Shelters can be easily constructed with no prior construction experience and only require a screw gun for roof screws and a hammer and a wallaby jack (hand jack).     Due to the refinement and innovative design, we now expect unskilled people to erect our buildings with same day construction, without compromising on buildings structural integrity.

3. External Cladding
Rapidbuilt Shelters are designed and supplied with Bluescope Colorbond Steel, providing a level of durability and longevity when compared with fabric materials on alternative temporary structures

4. Cost Effectiveness

Compared to traditional buildings, the Rapidbuilt System substantially reduces the overall cost of your structure.  This reduction in cost now makes our buildings affordable and accessible for many other applications previously excluded from this market.

Rapidbuilt Shelters are constructed using only 8 components.   We maintain stock levels to ensure rapid deployment within 24 hours in most cases and can be transported anywhere in the world with minimal cubic volume, using small commercial vehicles with tray length of 3m (10ft).

6. Relocation
Due to the innovation and simplicity of construction, Rapidbuilt Shelters can easily be disassembled and relocated with no impediment to the structural integrity of the building.   This ability to relocate a building with such structural integrity is unique.   This feature greatly assists in military, construction, mining, agriculture, aviation, disaster relief and various other applications where short term protection is required.

7. Permanency
Fully Engineered as a permanent structure, some models cyclone/ Typhoon Rated

Rapidbuilt Shelters, although they can be constructed within one day are engineered with full permanent status.   Some of our range in both the Rapid and Rapid XL Range are cyclone/typhoon rated.   This feature alone makes this a truly unique rapid built structure unequalled to anything else on the market.

8. Available Worldwide
Rapidbuilt Shelters  components are lightweight and compact, making them readily transportable world-wide.