Building Package Inclusions

Item Notes
1 Structural Enginnering Excluding Foundation Engineering
2 Galvanized Steel Portal Frame Columns, Rafters, Mullions, Mez Floor Transfer Beams
3 Purlins & Joists Red Iron, with option to change to Gal. in corisive regions
4 Plywood for Internal Mez levels 3/4 Hardwood T&G
5 Steel Stud external framing
6 Stair case and railing for internal Mez
7 Plywood Deck on Roof 5/8 Zipp Board+ Sealing Joint Tape
8 Plywood External lining 7/17 Zipp Board + Sealing Joint Tape
9 Snaplock Roof Sheeting & Ridgecapping 24g Gal.
10 Fixings Structural Bolts, Screws for Zipp board, roof screws, Purlin and Girt bolts

Building Package Price


**Subject to change per material increases, etc.